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2017 gretl Conference, June 2-3 2017, Athens, Greece

The bi-annual (5th) Gretl Conference is an inspiring opportunity to take stock of the current state of the gretl econometrics software project, including its embedded programming language hansl.

The programme will consist of contributed presentations, as well as keynotes by invited speakers and Gretl developers. At the close of the conference there will be a “coding sprint” where interested participants can teach each other new tricks in hansl and start implementing some of the new ideas produced at the meeting.

Contributions should demonstrate what is already possible in advanced real-world applications, how gretl compares to other software, or how a possibly missing functionality is implemented in other software. They could also present innovative methods for teaching statistics with gretl, or discuss desirable directions for the development of the project.

All researchers interested in econometrics or computational statistics are encouraged to submit abstracts for possible presentations. Proposals for any relevant topic will be considered, including (but not limited to) talks related to new functionality in gretl since the previous conference:

  • MIDAS (mixed-frequency) regression
  • new and better Kalman filter interface for state-space models
  • DPB (dynamic panel binary) package
  • BFGScmax constrained maximization routines
  • multivariate GARCH models
  • StrucBreak package for structural break analysis
  • more specialized microeconometrics like faster random-effects panel probit routines, packages for McFadden’s choice model, packages to compute marginal effects for many models

The 5th Conference is organized by the University of Patras, and will be held at the Technopolis City of Athens in June 2-3 2017.

The 5th gretl conference is also sponsored by:

Department of Economics, MSc Applied Economics & Data Analysis (University of Patras)


The Special Account for Research Funds (ELKE) of the University of Patras

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